Natural Stone Thin Sawn Veneer Flats & Corners

Natural Stone Thin Sawn Veneer is produced in house and as its name implies is made from taking natural stone and sawing the face off.  Use Thin Veneers and Thin Veneer Corners when you want a fireplace, bar, accent wall, or other architectural feature to become the focal point of any space.

Sold by the square foot for flats

Sold by linear foot for corners


Natural Stone Full Bed Depth Veneer

Natural Stone Full Bed Depth Veneer is the is a slab or outcropping that not been processed after being quarried. This material provides a more natural looking wall with varying depths from 4" to 5".

Sold by the ton.

Approximately 30 to 35 sq. ft. per ton


Thin Brick Veneer Available in Several Colors

Think Brick Veneer is produced in house as we saw the face and corners off of commercially produced brick. The advantage of using Thin Brick Veneer is the significant difference in weight between the original material and the finished product. Thin Brick Veneer can be used on existing construction as an added accent.

Sold by cut for both flats and corners.


Natural Stone Veneer Produced on Site

When your project calls for thin veneer or full veneer, Top Tier Stone & Veneer is your source for top quality products that will exceed your customer's expectations.  With our full line of stone splitters and saws the professionals in our fabrication shop can produce veneer stone for any application.

Brick Veneer Produced on site

While we love natural stone products we also recognize the value in thin and full brick veneer for certain projects. We can custom cut brick veneer for your next project and insure that you get the best value for your customer!


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