Full Bed Depth Split Veneer – Random heights determined by the seam thickness that naturally occurs in a quarry formation or throughout the field.  This stone is mechanically split to a 4” – 5” bed depth and sorted in random lengths.  A 6” stone ledge is required on the footer of the structure.  This material is available in bulk or on pallets.  Approximate coverage for this material is 30 to 35 square feet per ton.

Natural Stone Thin Veneer – Thin Veneer is taken from the splitting operation and moved to a saw. The saw is designed to cut the face off the full stone ¾” -1¼” thick.  This makes natural stone available to use on almost any application.  You do not need a stone ledge for this material and the design ideas are endless.  One of the greatest advantages to thin veneer is the weight.  At only 12 to 15 pounds per square foot you can ship three to four times the amount of material on a single semi load versus the traditional full bed depth veneer.  Material is available on pallets with 200 square feet of flats per pallet and 50 linear feet of corners per pallet.

Blue Vein

A limestone with gray to light buff accents. This variation is often found in the same stone.

2"-10"H OR 10"-14"H 8"-39"L

Camel Buff

Camel Buff – A limestone with creamy buff to tan tones.

2"-10"H OR 10"-14"H 8"-39"L

Canyon Gray

Canyon Gray – A very light gray limestone with a slight olive hue.

3"-9"H 6"-28"L

Creek Stone

A light to dark gray to tan with smooth rounded natural and split faces.

2"-8"H 6"-24"L


A blue/gray with a hint of brown/tan tones. Typically, 80% blue/gray and 20% brown/tan

2-8"H 6-28"L


Limestone varying from a light white to buff and gray tones.

2-1/4"H 12"-48"L

5"H 12"-48"L

7-3/4"H 12"-48"L

Rustic Buff

A limestone varying in color from a golden yellow to a light orange.

3"-8"H 8"-24"L


A unique sandstone with a wide range of color from light buff to golden browns with a prominent black.

6"-8"H 6"-24"L

Silverback Ledgestone

A dark gray/black quartzite stone with a beautiful flash of mica that makes the stone glisten.

2 1/2"-5"H 12"-30"L

Southern Buff

A limestone varying in coloration from a light brown to a full spectrum of earth tones.

3"-8"H 8"-24"L


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